Weber Genesis ii e-335

Weber Genesis ii S-335 Review-Because it is a Great Grill

One of the most popular grill manufacturers globally is made by Weber. The Weber Genesis ii S-335 is one of the best grills yet for the money. The Weber Genesis ii S-335 offers excellent performances and has exquisite features. When purchasing this, consider it an investment as you will get much more than your money’s worth. I will explain why in my Weber Genesis ii S-335 Review.

The Weber Genesis ii S-335 has a vast grilling area with three burners; it also has different saute and searing options. Therefore, considering adding to your backyard grill collections, Weber Genesis ii S-335 is your best option to consider. It has all the needed features that will make it easy to create delicious meals you want to cook. One feature is the automatic ignition. It has good storage that makes it ideal for all types of food.

The Exceptional Features Of the Weber Genesis ii S-335

Made of quality materials:

The grill part of Weber Genesis ii S-335 is made of stainless steel. The cook box is made of rust-proof cast aluminum. The grill part is made of stainless steel makes it beautiful and durable; thus, you get great value for your money when you purchase it.

Excellent cooking performance:

The Weber Genesis ii S-335 is a fantastic cooker. It has a GS4 High-Performance grilling system that works perfectly. The GS4 system stands for Grilling System 4 (there are 4 components). The system consists of an Infinity ignition system, stainless steel burners, porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars, and a grease management system. The grill produces heat well and also distributes the heat well, and further maintains the temperature. It also has flavorizer bars that help provide a significant grilled smoky flavor. You will hardly find that flavor in other grills.

Storage space:

Most of the grills available in the market have the significant disadvantage of storage; this is not the case for Weber Genesis ii S-335. Instead, It has a heat retention lid, a heating rack, and an enclosed storage space. You can store all your cooking wares.


This grill is exceptionally known for its superb performance because Its powerful burners make the grill heat up quickly; and the high heat allows for that trademark perfect sear. You get to cook almost everything to perfection mainly because of grills’ ability to distribute heat. It retains heat very well evenly.

The heating rack in the grill helps you combat the problem of your food getting cold. You can wait until you are ready to serve to your guests. On some occasions before the other part of the food you are cooking is done. The heating rack keeps your food warm until you need it, thanks to the grill’s heat retention property.

The Weber Genesis ii S-335 has an excellent GS4 grilling system. From the beginning to the end, this grill is easy to use. From lighting it up to cooking great food to the cleaning is also easy to do.

The Weber Genesis ii S-335 has only three burners but has a grill area of about 513 Square inches. That is big enough to accommodate about 25 burgers. The grilling area includes the flavorizer bars at the right angle. This is to catch and sizzle the food’s dripping, adding the signature smoky grilled flavor to the food.

The grill area also includes the sear station and side burner. The sear station is a smaller burner inside the main grill; it gets your food so you can give your meat the perfect sear. The Weber Genesis ii S-335’s sear station is the best.

The side burner comes in handy for cooking sauce or small dishes. However, you have to avoid putting a heavy pot on the side burner as the side table is not the strongest.

Main Features And Specifications Of Weber Genesis ii S-335

  • The Weber Genesis ii S-335 has a cooking area of 508 square inches.
  • Three main powerful stainless steel burners, 39,000 BTU s per hour.
  • A warming grill area of 156 Square inches in size.
  • It also has one side burner of 12,000 BTU s per hour.
  • Sear station, 9,000 BTU s per hour.
  • Tool hooks
  • iGrill three connectivity and internal thermometer.
  • Side table for cookware, seasonings, and storage space. has a spacious grill cabinet
  • GS4 Grilling system including flavorizer bars, infinity ignition, and a grease management system

The S-335 Grilling System


This innovative burner offers an excellent way for its users to grill any of their food items. It provides a convenient space where the required heat is supplied. There is no other place you might think of as the user than the shiny surface near the sizzling grease of this burner. Typically, natural gas is designed to function effectively, and the polished surface makes it look attractive while at work.

Cooking Surface

With about 513 square inches, the cooking surface and the intense heat sear station offer you the best grilling experience. Indeed, this Weber gas grill can provide you anything with its grilling power. Either barbecue, meat grill, and many other grilling services you desire. So, yes, it is time to put on your best apron and grilling gloves and get ready to do the magic on the patio.

Ignition System

The infinity ignition system the Weber system grill processes are in the form of tapered-quadrangle-shaped burners and a redesigned grease removal system. The producer (Weber) claims that this ignition system is much better and more sophisticated than its earlier designs. Moreover, they backed it up with a ten-year warranty on the ignition system, easily powered with a single battery. More so, the grill system is fortified with the crossover features that enable one burner to ignite the other burners while you are ready for a grill. For burners without the crossover feature, you must press the fire toward each other burner, which sometimes can be inconvenient.

Heat Distribution System

Meanwhile, the improved heat distribution system has also been improved, which is much better than the older version. As you would believe that your grill might contain a liquid that can be harsh on the grilling surface, the S-335 is therefore equipped with a shiny metal surface that helps prevent rust. This rust-proof cast aluminum also helps the thermal conductivity and heat distributing system quickly, making the grilling easier.

Furthermore, under the rust-proof aluminum is the firebox that helps manage the grease system effectively and a funnel accompanied by a tray to help easy disposal of any leftover in the pan. Also, the hand glove holds a shiny black tray at the bottom part of the burner.

All the Genesis ii models are now equipped with a stainless steel flavorizer contributing to the sizzle drippings and the shield burner. The upgrades that have been done on GII 2 enable the visual confirmation that the burner is indeed an exception from other burners in the market. Although most people do not fancy the iron gates mounted on the burner because it sometimes over-powers the dark brown and some of the smear marks of the burner.

The Cooking Zone in The S-335

While the burner offers you over 500 square inches of 7 mm diameter of space on the stainless steel section to perform your cooking activities, you would believe that not every cooking activity you perform is the same. The Weber Genesis ii S-335 burner system starts through the infinity ignition system it is equipped with, generating about 39,000 BTU s of cooking power.

Besides, your food is adequately elevated through the fold-down racks, giving you the option of indirect heat to help keep your food warm and evenly cooking. However, the seer station offers an extra 9,000 BTU of power, giving you the ability to cook stuff like steaks, veggies, and fillets and achieve that perfect look for such food items. Furthermore, with the ease of opening and closing the burner lid, the burner for the natural gas grill is quite hidden enough to portray a well-designed product from the manufacturer.

Meanwhile, the side burner can be operated as high as 12,000 BTU, making the heat dissipated from this burner more powerful than the standard kitchen range. Indeed you can easily manage your cooking and any type of meal you desire to cook on any of these fantastic burners in your home. This four cooking zone offers you the ability to cook at the most fantastic speed you can ever think of while your meals are done in a twinkle of an eye.

The Next Generation Technology Equipped With Genesis Ii S-335

Interestingly, the smart device that works with your phone is water and weather resistant which means if it starts raining, your meal is safe. However, whether you are relying on the intelligent thermometer of the grill or you are keeping an eye on the meal, you must ensure that your home is ready for this fantastic device. Unlike the typical electric or liquid propane burner, the Genesis II S-335 makes use of natural gas. You should, however, be ready to get one installed in your backyard, provided you do not have one already. Indeed, setti

ng up your barbeque burner should be pretty straightforward, and most significantly, the low cost of running the grill makes it suitable for most homes on a budget.

The Genesis ii S-335 has become one of the top natural gas burners in the market, which attracts several homeowners and cooking enthusiasts. The good old barbecue flavor has been brought back by this exceptional burner which can be enjoyed in your backyard. With a little bit of tweaking and adjustments, you can quickly produce a grill that is almost as perfect as a professional chef’s through the Genesis ii S-335.

Smart Technology in a Weber

By smoking meat and veggies, the genesis burner comes with an intelligent grilling technology which is referred to as the iGrill 3. The measuring thermometer helps you record the temperature you are operating at and constantly keep an eye on temperature-sensitive meals like roast, steaks, chicken while you are away from the burner. The iGrill app is paired with the iGrill system in the burner through an app on your Smartphone device, which then offers you the opportunity to insert a probe into the grill and give you the chance to choose the level you want the food to be done at.

You are then free to close the burner lid, walk away and engage in other activity while you wait for your grill to be done. With the iGrill app running, a countdown timer on your device would alert you when it is the right time to turn your grill or flip it to another side or when it is time for you to remove the grill. Another tech feature that makes the burner stand out is that the genesis comes with a storage space primarily designed for the iGrill system, which means you can leave the space for seasonings, sauces and other minor kitchen utensils.

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Quality Build

The materials used in the Weber Genesis ii S-335 makeup stand out among other grills in the market. The build-up quality is extraordinary, as the whole grill area is made of high-quality steel, the non-steel parts are made of quality rubber, metals, and plastics.

The Weber Genesis ii S-335 is firmly and solidly built. It has a lot of room for storing seasonings, cookware, and food, and the insulation is built to perfection. The lid is made of thick stainless steel, such that no heat can escape once your cooking process starts. This is a perfect product made of high-quality materials, ideal for a chef who wants a long-lasting, strong, and solid grill.

Assembling The Genesis ii S-335

Although the Genesis ii S-335 can be challenging to assemble and put together because most parts are complex to fix together, which might take you some hours of optimum concentration to get it done? However, if you invest a little time and effort to watch online videos on how it is being set up, you would be able to get this grill assembled in no time quickly. All the time and effort invested in setting up the grill is obviously going to pay off as you would be on your way to cook mouth-watering meals.

Should You Buy The Genesis ii S-335?

Of course, if you want a beautiful meal and a grill burner that sits perfectly in your backyard, then the Genesis ii S-335 is the perfect option for you. This burner would make you happy, and this provides you with the most sumptuous grill you can think of. Aside from the tech features that make it stand out from other grills, it also processes some other features that make it an exceptional grill to go for. Primarily the grill heats evenly and has minimal flare-ups, making it sears like a champion with every meal you get on it. The quality is exceptional, and with some easy maintenance routine, your grill can last your form for more than a decade.

Although many people believe that the only downside to this grill is that you are paying hugely for the premium finishing and the distinctive look that it offers you. Yes, no doubt the grill looks stunning and pretty to behold, and the premium looks indeed worth the premium price to have it sitting in your backyard. However, you might not be convinced about the look of the grill, but the performance must at least intrigue you. This is due to its high heating capacity and a significant way to save money. Generally, the Genesis ii S-335 is just a spectacular machine that offers you both the performance and stunning look while it charges just a little extra money on your budget.

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Possible Alternatives

The Weber Genesis ii E-335 has grilled a considerable alternative product. The Weber Genesis II 335 is a beautiful three-burner gas grill with a Sear Station and side burner.

While I think the 335 grills are unique, you should know that there are two other Weber gas grills, the Weber Performer Deluxe and the Spirit 330, which I reviewed before, that deliver almost the same functionality at lower price points. I also reviewed two luxury types of barbecues, but both the Memphis Pellet Grill, and the Pit Boss Austin Wood Pellet Grill are in different classes, but if you are in the market for a top-of-the-line barbecue, you might want to look at those two grills.

Differences between the weber genesis S-335 and the weber genesis E-335

Although the two models (S-335 and E-335) are pretty simple in performance, there is not much difference between them, but there are few. The difference between the two grill models can simply be classified into the price, cosmetic and grilling grates.

  • Price: The price of E-335 is relatively cheaper in today’s market.
  • Cosmetic: The S-335 has a whole stainless finishing, while the E- 335 is mainly blue or black. The E-355 also has a porcelain-enameled lid and painted steel doors; although this doesn’t affect the grilling performance, it’s a stylistic preference.
  • Grilling grates: The S-335 comes with stainless steel grates while the E-335 has a porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate.

The Genesis ii S-335 is an excellent grill. It comes with all the cooking and storage needs for your grilling endeavors. It’s a wise investment into your culinary future. You would be on the saver side by investing in this excellent grill with advanced technology features and different cooking energy.

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