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My Weber Spirit E 330 Review

Weber Spirit E 330 Introduction

This Weber Spirit E 330 Review is to assist those of us who want a great grill at an affordable price. Many of us spend lots of time and money attempting to choose a grill that works well and looks good only to find ourselves in the same position a few years later. We peruse stores, websites, and customer reviews only to be disappointed time and again with a mediocre product. That is why I am now writing this Weber Spirit E 330 Review.

Weber manufactures some of the finest grills on the market and will not disappoint. With decades of experience, they have been the trusted company of grill lovers for years. Fine dining establishments like Weber Grill Restaurant in Indianapolis, IN continue to use the original kettle grill model for all their grilling .

Restaurants such as this are an excellent way to experience the flavor that a Weber grill produces. Very few companies create products trusted by both individual consumers as well as corporations. Weber is an exception to this rule. Weber continues to be a manufacture of some of the finest American-made grills. Dating back to the late 1800s.

I reviewed a different Weber grill in another article. And it is worth looking and comparing the two. I also reviewed a pellet grill from Austin Pit Boss. Another luxury grill was reviewed. This was the Memphis grill, but this is not comparable to this particular grill due to the hefty price.

Weber History

Weber has evolved time and again to adapt to an ever-changing market since its founding in Chicago. And in my Weber Spirit E 330 Review, I feel it is important to discuss how Weber got to this point. It is a very interesting story.

Weber has humble beginnings, yet has climbed its way to the top of the market. George Weber Sr. was initially not aware of the legacy he would leave with his original kettle grill. He simply had a passion for grilling and sought to improve the practice for his personal use.

A Chicago native metal worker, he sought to create a superior grill that would produce the best results with the least amount of clean-up. Being part of the family business, Weber Brothers Metal Works, all the necessary tools were at his disposal to create something truly special.

Today, most grilling enthusiasts take the current design of standard grills for granted. In Weber’s day, grills left the food exposed to the open air which allowed debris and even bugs to land in the food. In addition, the excessive smoke created made breathing difficult for chiefs that grilled on a daily basis. These were problems in Weber’s day that the modern grill master no longer must contend with, thanks to Weber.


The family business produced a variety of products including buoys. Weber was very familiar with the buoy design as he manufactured hundreds of these for his customers. He had a passion for grilling and wanted to create a grill that would make cleaner’ food and air. Combining his knowledge of buoys, and his passion for grilling, he began designing what would become the first Weber Kettle Grill.

How did he accomplish this? Simple, yet revolutionary in its day, he took the design of the buoys that he knew so well, split them in half, and voila! This was the first Weber Grill. ! Modern designs offer unique technology improving on his original design further to make cleaning and maintenance a cinch. These tools that are basic features of the grills today utilize drip pans and conversion of drippings into flavor locking aids to keep food cleaner and more flavorful.

Tradition tells us that his grill failed the first time he attempted to use it. A neighbor was allegedly watching the spectacle he saw that there is no air to keep the flame going and heat the grill. A few holes later, the grill was up and running. Several years passed before his Kettle Grill achieved international success. Weber eventually abandoned his career with the family business and embraced marketing his grill for the remainder of his life.

The time tested, the original grill model is still available due to its simple design and quality output. Unlike most other grills, Weber uses welds rather than fasteners which create a solid design that is virtually unbreakable under regular use.

The Weber Spirit E330 is Born

As you will recognize in the Weber Spirit E 330 Review, Weber has shown to be yet another quality product Weber has produced. Time and again its models is hailed as the best, including in the April 2020 edition of The New York Times

These grills are excellent for those wanting to be the ‘grill master’ of their neighborhood but lacking the skill set to acquire such a title! Literally all you do is ignite, let the burners heat up, and cook! The grill does the rest.

Features such as the ‘flavorizer’ bars convert drippings into aromatic flavor, adding a taste to the food that sets you apart from the other ‘grill master wannabes’ on your block! A downside of using a gas grill, in my opinion, is the loss of flavor that charcoal grills provide. The flavorizer bars are an ingenious way to increase flavor without having to mess with charcoal.

Consider the use of these grills at fine dining establishments and imagine having the power of these kitchens in your back yard! Weber grills make that all possible for the average consumer. If you’re considering investing in a Weber grill, read on for some of the pros and cons. The model mentioned most frequently is the Weber Spirit E330.

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Weber Spirit E 330 Analysis

The Spirit is one of the more affordable grills Weber has to offer. Still, you may be thinking that it is slightly higher than the price you originally wanted to spend. Consider that in the long run, the durability and performance of this grill actually SAVES money. You can expect this grill to last with minimal maintenance over the course of time.

Plus, electricity is not required to ignite the burner which means you can light up wherever you want (1AA battery required). Rather than purchasing a new grill every 2-3 years (or replacing parts at best), a Weber grill really is the most economical choice. Quality can not be overstated when investing in a new grill, and Weber’s longstanding reputation in the industry is unsurpassed. Weber stands behind their products with a 10 year warranty. What other company can say that?

There are options for virtually every budget including the Weber Q 2200 gas grill insert. This portable option gives the same quality construction as the larger models, but in an easy to transport package. It also offers two side shelves that fold up, a feature uncommon in many portable grills.


Every industry leader has competition. The Napoleon grills have risen to be a close rival to the Weber design. I chose this brand to compare with Weber as these two are arguably the best on the market in this price range.

The Napoleon LEX 485 and the Weber Genesis II LX 340 are arguably the most popular options respectively. A cursory comparison shows that Napoleon is going to come out on top in terms of pricing more often times than not. For most, this is something to consider.

In terms of materials used, quality construction, and warranty, Weber is sure to surpass Napoleon. While Napoleon has a classy, expensive appearance like the Weber, Weber utilizes stainless steel construction throughout while Napoleon does not. This gives an edge in terms of durability.


Weber has a 10 year warranty on cook box, lid, burners, electric ignition flavor bars, grates and grease system with a 2 year warranty on all other parts. With the Napoleon grill buyers receive a 15 year, limited warranty (not all parts are covered) with 10 years on the body and burners. Sear plates and grates are covered for 5 years.

Personally, this was the selling point for me. Regardless of the quality of a product, time and normal wear and tear will impact the product requiring maintenance and at times replacement parts. Some of these parts can be very pricey and may need replaced within a 10 year time frame. Considering the unbeatable warranty (and notoriously excellent customer service), I believe Weber is likely to save money in the long run. Pricing for each grill weighs heavily on the overall construction and materials used. The consistency of quality materials used in the Genesis naturally increases cost initially yet, in my opinion, is the very feature of this grill that will give you more band for your buck.

Devil is in the Details

In terms of grilling space, Napoleon offers a slightly larger area to grill on. However, with multiple burners, racks, and shelving, I have found this not to be a problem. I like to say ‘out with the old, in with the new!’ when grilling as I’m constantly moving the food in, out, and around the grill!

Some may also be lured by the higher BTU in a Napoleon grill vs. Weber. With the size of each grill, even the slightly larger grilling area of the Napoleon, this increased output has little to no impact on grilling. The Weber Genesis also offers a ‘heat booster’ function that can give a zap of increased heat if needed.


Let’s talk technology. Yes, Napoleon and Weber have sophisticated technology to be considered as well. Both offer an excellent igniting system that is dependable even after ignition. They hold their heat and temperature extremely well. Napoleon uses a temperature gauge that is built in to the unit. While not appealing to the techies out there, it is incredibly accurate, when considering so many such gauges fluctuate on other grills.

However, the Genesis has a clear, definitive edge with their ‘iGrill 3’ feature. Not only is it spot on in terms of accuracy, but it allows you to monitor the temperature on your smart device and adjust accordingly! There is no running back and forth to check the temperature when the ability to monitor this is literally at your finger tips! Even if you’re not a tech enthusiast, it is difficult to not admit this is a pretty cool (and convenient) feature. Note, that this feature is not standard with the Genesis and must be purchased as an add on either at time of purchase or later.

All in all, both grills are wonderful products and superior in their class. The differences ultimately boil down to personal preference. My personal bias leans slightly toward the Weber brand for the aforementioned reasons. I love the product, the story behind the company origins, and the fact that the company began in the states and climbed to the top. For those who do not care about buying American, this would be a moot point.

Weber Spirit E 330 Review Discussion

I must admit that I am a grill snob. I not only want my grill to work well, but I also want it to LOOK good too. Weber takes all this into consideration.

For example, I have always abhorred the appearance of a large propane tank leering out from other grills on the market. Included with the Spirit E330 is a propane tank screen in the design giving this grill an appearance that stands out from the competition.

A simple, non-pretentious appearance maintains all the characteristics of a ‘classic’ grill yet Weber has managed to give a modern flair by utilizing straight lines alongside the appealing curvature of the porcelain lid. The contrasting black/silver color is made more dramatic by subtle touches of red on the knobs. The Weber Genesis grill comes in 4 color scheme options of black, copper, crimson, or smoke. Like I said, appearance is important to me so all these details matter. I want to be the envy of my neighborhood and the Weber grill does just that!

How Does it Work?

So it looks good, is affordable, and is durable. But how does it work? How easy is it to assemble? Some people are great at following assembly instructions. I am not one of those people. I find that assembly is easiest for me if I can visualize each step. Weber has great visuals in each step of the assembly guide that help with knowing what goes where and what it should look like .

This is a great help for visual thinkers. The grill can be put together in a few hours. It is best to have another person with you when assembling, specifically due to the weight of the package. When you receive your grill, be mindful that the weight of this product can be cumbersome upon delivery. I recommend having a dolly handy and to be present at the time of delivery. It is best to have a second set of hands nearby during the entire assembly process.


This Spirit E330 boasts all the amenities of larger, more expensive grills, but in a sleek, unobtrusive package making this grill versatile as well as practical. Equipped with 3 burners, a searing station, side burner, and warming rack,

Weber has strategically placed everything you would expect from a grill in this design. Despite its weight, the sturdy wheels with their swivel feature make it surprisingly easy to relocate or store. For those lacking in storage space, be mindful of the stainless steel shelving on either side. These will take up extra space as they do not fold down. This can easily be worked around by utilizing the shelving units for extra storage both on and below the shelves.

The undergirding of the grill also boasts a substantial area for storage. There is no need to constantly run back and forth to and from the kitchen when this grill has all you need to be contained right here.


For the technical mind, here are the specifications of the Weber Spirit E300 taken from Weber company website verbatim. Note that models such as the Genesis will have greater output and added features not listed below. The facts below pertain solely to the Spirit model.

Main burners: BTU-per-hour input 32,000

Sear Station burner: BTU-per-hour input 7,500

Side burner: BTU-per-hour 12,000

Dimensions – Lid Open (inches) 63″H x 52″W x 32″D

Dimensions – Lid Closed (inches) 45.5″H x 52″W x 24″D

Primary cooking area (square inches) 424

Warming rack area (square inches) 105

Total cooking area (square inches) 529

Stainless steel burners 3

Fuel type Liquid Propane (20 lb. tank sold separately)

Side tables 2

Swivel casters 2

Swivel locking casters 2

Tool hooks 6

Battery type AA

Batteries 1

Summing Up My Weber Spirit E 330 Review

With all these features, you won’t find a better grill at this price point. The Spirit can be thought of as the ‘economy car’ of the Weber grill, yet the features, warranty, and customer service are anything but basic. Remember, Weber backs their products with a TEN YEAR WARRANTY. In that time frame, you may want to upgrade your grill . Weber has you covered for that also.

There is little need to purchase an entirely new grill outright when so many add-ons are offered. This gives the financially savvy buyer lots of wiggle room to increase the performance of their grill over time and still have money left over for the best meats and produce to cook with! With upgrades ranging from utensils to grill covers (recommended) to a smart connect grill hub and the igrill 3 digital thermometer system, Weber provides more features and upgrades than you could ever imagine wanting in your grill. Stop purchasing a grill every 2-3 years. Go with the best and invest in a product you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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