Pit Boss Austin XL Wood Pellet Grill

Pit Boss Austin XL Wood Pellet Grill (2021 Review)


Are you looking to purchase a new pellet grill? Are you a researcher looking for valuable, firsthand information about the Pit Boss XL Pellet Grill? If you answered YES to any of the questions, you are just at the right information resource. This is my honest Pit Boss Austin XL Review.

Believe it or not, Pit Boss is one of the top-rated and most reliable brands in the world. It is known for good quality pellet grills. This might appear to you like an exaggeration, and if that is the case, it will be quite understandable. Only if you are hearing about the brand for the first time.

Whatever the case may be, the facts about this Pit Boss Austin XL Review are impressive. We will be discussing some of the features of the Pit Boss Austin XL Pellet Grill. Its functionality, price, where you can purchase one, the advantages and disadvantages, will all be discussed.

I want to have this review as detailed as possible, and that is the reason for its length. That way it might help in a decision on whether or not to purchase this grill. Best believe, if you take your time to read to the end, it will be worth the time. You will be baptized with more than enough information to make an informed decision in the long run.


The Pit Boss brand produces many grill models. The Pit Boss Austin XL Wood Pellet Grill is just one of them. The comparison between this model and the Pit Boss 700fb, this grill has more technological upgrades.

Hence, it is a better option among many buyers, with a retail price of under $500. This model is relatively cheaper than other Boss Grill models that have better upgrades and functionalities. Despite not matching up to the more advanced models, you’d still be getting value for your money.

For a superior cooking experience at an economically friendly price, the Pit Boss Austin XL is your go-to grill equipment. The design of the pellet grill is ideal for small barbeque parties. Maybe some social hangouts, and in many other capacities, you deem fit.

Pit Boss Austin XL Review

The physical design of the Pit Boss Austin XL gives a very firm and solid structure. The external parts of the grill have a very smooth copper finish. This preserves it against all forms of debilitating climatic conditions and other vital elements.

As the name implies, the Austin XL Pellet Grill is 53.5 inches wide and 49.25 inches tall. It has a total cooking space of about 1008 sq inches. That is enough to take in as many racks of ribs as possible with about 8 Boston butts fitted in. That is awesome right?

Furthermore, a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit is possible. You can regulate the grill to your preferred temperature range.

Moreover, another interesting part of this pellet grill is its digital component. With the auto start and power off control system, you can easily switch the power phase of the grill on/off with ease. There is no need to use a matchstick or lighter. Of course, this isn’t limited to Austin XL Wood Pellet Grill. It can also be found in some of the other models — including the 700fb.

More so, this pellet grill weighs exactly 179 lbs. When you use this grill, you can feel the comfort and satisfaction of using a great grill. To a reasonable extent, at least you’d be convinced the equipment won’t break down while you are working. So much for not being lightweight.

Pit Boss Austin XL Review of Wood Pellet Grill — Key Features

This section covers some of the important features you will see in a Pit Boss Austin XL Grill. I will also include their respective functions.

  • Wide Cooking Space: This is by far one of the most important features of the wood pellet. It determines how many rounds of cooking you have to do at any point in time. More space brings about efficiency. The Austin XL pellet comes with two tiers of cooking grids that are extremely easy to assemble. The material is porcelain. This provides about a thousand square inches of cooking space, of which the direct cooking space occupies about 930 sq. In.

This grill has a hopper capacity of 31 lbs. This is quite commendable as it allows you to conserve space by not holding the pellet bags. With this, foods that require extensive time can be completely grilled. There won’t be a need to concern about exhausting the pellets.

Other Cool Functions

  • Multipurpose (8-in-1 Multi-function): Yes, it’s not a mistake, you got that right. This grill features an 8-in-1 multifunction grill. This enables you to carry out various cooking functions like smoking, grilling, roasting, and baking to mention a few. The feature functions almost perfectly with an accurate temperature. It doesn’t matter what you are making use of just one of the functions or a couple of them. Obviously, the food will still be perfectly cooked.
  • Flame Broiler: Versatility they say ‘is an extra string to a player’s bow.’ This can be related to the functionality of the flame broiler method. Also and the direct grill method of cooking with Pit Boss’s Austin XL Pellet Grill. This is most important in situations where you prefer a sear finish for your food. Just slide the plate over the flame broiling section to achieve this.  
  • Strong Wheels: Pit Boss Austin XL is not exactly portable like I have stated earlier. It is up to 179 lbs in net weight. Nonetheless, moving it around isn’t a big deal. It can be moved with absolute convenience. This is due to the implementation of four wheels which are used to give it easy mobility. Or would you rather have your pellet smoker lifted around?
  • Meat Probe and Digitally controlled LED Control Unit:  Austin XL pellet grill is equipped with a digitally controlled board on which the meat probe and LED control system is directly and indirectly attached. The Dprobe is usedto assess the internal temperature of the meat being grilled, whereas the LED readout control unit is a multifunctional feature that enables you to automatically switch the grill on and off with ease and regulate the temperature of the grill when in operation.


Beautiful Design: Personally, I find the pellet smoker’s design to be quite outstanding, it is no doubt a product of great artistic prowess. At first glance, most people can’t help but have their attention grabbed by the conventional design of the grill manifested in a unique style. The black design of the body parts which of course is very common among many pellets is so pleasing to the sight, coupled with the stylish brownish parts as seen in the lid, chimney, and hood.

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Charcoal vs. Gas vs. Pellet Grills

Which is more preferable: The Pellet Grill, Charcoal Grill, or Gas Grill? Even though the three perform the same function — they can be employed to smoke or grill meat, the fact that their mode of operation is different can not be ignored. As such, it is difficult to mark one of them as the best.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to make use of the charcoal grill to smoke or grill your meat in the past, then it wouldn’t be strange to discover that the pellet grill is way more expensive than the charcoal grill and gas grill. While the three, in reality, perform the same function but through different mechanisms, the pellet grill, however, performs better in a single unit as a grill and smoker.

Not many grills are outstanding smokers as most require a set up of two zones cooking in addition to some kind of wood chip box for smoke enhancement. Well, the charcoal grill compared to the gas grill is a far better smoker as it can still give a reasonable amount of smoky flavor to your food, but not as much as the wood pellet grill. These are my opinions. Don’t take my words for it, you should really try one out and see for yourself.

Pit Boss Austin XL Review Pellet Grill Competition

Traeger Pro 780, Rec-Tec Bull, and the Green Mountain Grill Jim Bowie — these are some of the top pellet grills from other brands you probably must have heard of at one point or the other. Of the three models mentioned above, the Rec Tec tends to be the most expensive with a price tag that is double that of the Austin XL Pellet Wood Grill.

The Rec-Tec currently costs nothing less than a thousand dollars. Well, I’d say it is worth the exorbitant price since there are several bells and whistles on the RT-700 which can not be found in the Austin XL Pellet Grill. Nonetheless, at a price under $500, the Austin XL will give you a worthy bang for your buck, no doubt.


  • Affordable Price
  • Digital control board
  • 1000 Sq In cooking surface
  • Long-lasting construction
  • High-temperature copper finish
  • Direct and Indirect cooking with Flame Broiler


  • The searing and grilling area is small
  • Can be extremely hot while in use.

Pellet Grills Vs. Charcoal Grills

I personally have a charcoal grill, and I always have. However, I have been to backyard cookouts where a pellet grill has been used, and I have been reasonably impressed. The charcoal grill has the definite taste of charcoal that I enjoy. I wrote a review about a Weber charcoal grill in another post.

Pellet smokers are cooking with wood, so the taste of wood is prevalent, and there are different flavors of pellets that can be purchased, i.e. apple, etc. Usually, the charcoal grills achieve a hotter temperature, so you can get a good sear on any meat that needs searing. Wood chips can be purchased for a charcoal grill to give an added flavor of the wood you are adding.

Pellet grills are going to be more expensive than charcoal grills. Most Pellet grills are around $1,000 and up, where you can get a good Weber Charcoal grill for $500 or less.

The pellets for a pellet grill can get relatively expensive, depending on the flavor, the brand, etc. The less expensive pellets may have the problem of jamming up the auger for the pellets. It is important to purchase good quality pellets. After all, if you make the investment in a pellet grill, you need to take care of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Pellets are Recommended for the Austin XL?

You can only fuel the Pit Boss Austin XL Pellet Grill with wood pellets. It’s obviously the major differentiating factor when compared with the charcoal and gas grills. Meanwhile, it might interest you to know that you can conveniently use wood pellets produced by any manufacturer in your Austin XL and other Pit Boss Pellet Grill models.

The likes of Camp Chef, Traeger, Davy Crockett, and the Green Mountains to mention a few, are examples of excellent wood pellets you can adopt for your Austin XL.

Some Pit-Boss-made wood pellets such as Apple, Fruit Blend, Hickory, and Classic blend among others are also recommended to add some extra flavor to your meat once you start the pellet grill.

How Is the Grill Assembled?

Under normal circumstances, your Austin XL Grill should be in a pre-assembled state before purchasing, with exception of a few handles and the cart that comes with it.

All that will be left is for you to install the handles and place the pre-assembled grill on the cart with the help of an extra couple of hands. It’s that easy.

Meanwhile, you can do this at the point of sale or upon getting to your destination. Whatever rocks your boat.

Is This Pit Boss Austin XL “User-Friendly?”

With the aid of the temperature control LED panel, the temperature of the grill can be regulated with just a touch of the button. As such, it is extremely simple for just anybody to operate without fear — irrespective of whether you are new to grilling. With the Austin XL grill, you will find yourself grilling in no time.

Does the Pit Boss Austin XL Grill come with a WiFi Feature?

Unlike its Rec Tec Bull counterpart, the Pit Boss Grill doesn’t come with built-in WiFi. If you are interested in monitoring your grill wirelessly, there are several wireless thermometers, from third parties, which you can make use of to this end.

For now, Pit Boss Grills do not come with wireless thermometers that allow you to control the temperature of your grill from a distance. They can only help you with monitoring the temperature change.

Is there a Pit Boss Grill bigger than the Pit Boss Austin XL?

Maybe in the future, but at this point, there are no Pit Boss Grills bigger than the Austin XL Pellet Grill. Meanwhile, you can find in the marketplace models of similar size  — The Put Boss Pro Series and the PB1000T2, but not in any way bigger.

Can the Pit Boss Austin XL Smoker be used for grilling?

Yes, you can grill on the Pit Boss Smoker by using the flame broiling slide plate. Just like I mentioned earlier, the Austin XL grill has an 8-in-1 multifunctional feature of which the using the Pit Boss Smoker for grilling is one.

Since the pellet smoker is designed to cook without direct contact, with the aid of the slide plate of the diverter plate, you can easily expose the cooking surface to the flame.

Is there any difference between Louisiana grill and Pit Boss Austin XL?

Both the Louisiana and Pit Boss Grill belong to the same parent company — The Dansons. Nevertheless, the Louisiana grills are to a large extent different and yet similar in some aspects.

In comparison to the Pit Boss grill, the Louisiana grill is equipped with a more elegant grill and smokers. The similarities, however, lie in the materials and construction.

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Final Thoughts

I hope this Pit Boss Austin XL Review helped in your making a decision on whether to buy it or not. The Pit Boss Austin XL Wood Pellet Grill is not the best you can find in the market, but no doubt one of the best. It is really commendable how Pit Boss can manage the value and the features of the grill, such that it becomes extremely affordable for many people.

This grill comes with a tremendous combination of functions, power, cooking space, and thick construction with some touches of technological upgrades to give you a more delightful grilling experience.

While the competition charges double the price, at just under $500, you will be a proud owner of one of this equipment. This is Pit Boss indirectly letting you know they are a customer-friendly brand by offering value at a lesser price. If your goal is to acquire a good quality grill with affordability in mind, then Austin XL Pellet Grill is a great option to start with.

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