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Summer is coming and you know what that means?  BARBECUE!!!  Whether you are a vegetarian or a meat-eater, food tastes great when it comes off a charcoal grill because the charcoal gives an added beneficial flavor. Admittedly, I am kind of a purist when it comes to barbecue grills because I like the taste of charcoal grilling better than a gas grill. because it seems to taste better to me.   But when having friends over to my home for a barbecue party, it is a standing joke that I should start the grill hours ahead of when they get there so we can eat before midnight.  (exaggeration, of course).  As a result, I am writing this Weber Performer Deluxe Review. My favorite grill is a Weber, so I found the perfect solution for the problem.

Chances are, at one point or the other while surfing through the vastness of the internet, you’ve come across the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill. And ever since, you’ve marveled, why the faux about this machine? What does it do? Where can you purchase the grill? How much does it cost?

I Know you must have questions…

If you are asking some of these questions, then you probably have never deemed it fit to shop for a barbecue before. All the same, you are in the right place for firsthand info about the Weber grill.   Why is it best in the market and consistently giving other brands a run for their money?

Worry not! Hopefully, I will answer your questions about the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill in this review. The functionalities, prices, features, manufacturers’ identity, and many more will be discussed. 
Are you ready to acquire some premium knowledge about Weber performers? If you get this grill, I am sure you will love it.  Sit tight and let’s get into the review


Weber Performer Deluxe


Weber has consistently held its position as the leading Grill brand in the market. This, it has been doing effortlessly, for over 30 years in business. capacity, versatility, and quality of their various grill equipment as inherent in most reviews from various buyers around the world.

The Weber Performer Grill is a remarkable grill that enables you to make, or can be used to smoke meat over charcoal (Barbecue), an advanced and innovative replacement of the traditional method — which involves smoking of meat over the fire, in which case, there is no room for temperature regulation.
The Weber Charcoal Grill is considered to be the most versatile, globally, compared to its counterparts,. With this equipment, you get to experience several cooking styles, thereby taking your smoking skills to another level. Some of the notable features on the machine include the following:

  • Digital timer
  • A large table
  • Gas-powered charcoal lighter
  • Weber’s Gourmet BBQ system cooking grate.

All of these features are what we are going to be discussing later in this review as we progress. Ride along.

Digital Timer Weber Table Weber Charcoal Inanition

Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill Overview

The Weber barbecue brand is the most popular and best-selling barbecue machine you can find in the market today. The Weber charcoal grill comprises three main models, namely:

  • The standard
  • Premier
  • Deluxe

The design of the Weber Performer Deluxe is the most advanced of the three versions, to make your grilling experience more exciting and convenient.

When we compare it to the standard Weber performer model, the Weber Deluxe appears to be more promising; in that, it offers several other interesting features that can not be found normally in the standard model— thereby making it the best option and the most recommended.

Other Attributes of the Weber Performer Deluxe Grill

Also, the Weber Performer Deluxe Grill utilizes the original Weber Kettle Grill design with the stainless cooking grate designed to fit 22-inch Weber charcoal grills which roughly gives a 363 square inches surface utilizable for grilling. What does this mean? It implies that the deluxe model allows you to grill a lot of food enough to serve as many as six individuals.

Another great feature of the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill is the Weber Gourmet Barbecue System (GBS). This feature offers several cooking options and also enables you to enjoy a very convenient grilling experience all through the usage period. Moreover, it allows the interchanging of temperature zones and makes accessing the charcoal much easier.

Another very notable feature worthy of mention is the gas starter option. This feature has completely removed the need for a user to have direct contact with the charcoal or for using a charcoal lighter or a chimney and newspapers. The simple ‘touch and go’ ignition system is simple to use and is one of the best features of this grill. Like the title implies, to use it, you only need to touch the button to supply heat to the charcoal, easy peasy. A game-changer, at least for me. This grill makes entertaining easier because you don’t have to wait for the coals to get ready. I don’t like using charcoal starters, so I use a chimney and lots of newspaper.  Now, I don’t need to even do that.

KEY FEATURES of the Weber Performer Deluxe

It is important to know the features of this model that separate it from the others..

This section of the review details the features of this model. This way, you’d make an informed decision when you are eventually ready to make a purchase.

You can follow this link to get yourself one of these pieces of equipment.

Below are some of the finest features you should be looking forward to in the Deluxe model as a potential buyer:

  • Gourmet BBQ System: The Gourmet BBQ System consists of four different components, namely:
  1. Wok
  2. Sear Grate– The sear grate is a hinged cooking grate that is between the smoking and cooking surface for the food. It is a direct partition between the food and the charcoal.
  3. Griddle
  4. Grill grate with removable centerpiece, to serve as a grip for the steel-plated cookware.

Weber Wok Weber Sear Grate Weber Griddle

The Gourmet BBQ System is part of the entire grill and is not designed to function alone. The Weber charcoal basket is built to function with the gourmet BBQ system. The gourmet BBQ system is built to function with the Weber charcoal basket. This is made so that it fits flawlessly underneath the hole in the grill grate. Alternatively, it can be used to push the charcoal to the side for soft heating.

Key Standard Features of Weber Performer Deluxe

  • Touch-N-Go Gas Ignition System
Weber Performer Deluxe Ignition
Weber Charcoal Ignition

This is somewhat similar to a gas grill but more advanced in terms of ease of use. The Touch-N-Go Gas Ignition System functions electronically, as such with just a one-time click on the button, you can easily and quickly start this charcoal grill. The propane flame heats the charcoal and takes about five minutes to build up heat.

Are you still thinking of a lighter or matches? You shouldn’t be. With the Touch and Go feature, the utilization of matches or lighters has become a thing of the past. To begin using the grill, just a flick of the switch is enough to get the gas burner lit under the charcoal briquettes. Interestingly, you should know by now, you won’t have a need or reason to get your hands unnecessarily dirty. Amazing, right? 

  • Prep Area
Weber Performer Deluxe Table
Weber Table

This is the part of the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal grill that is located just to the right of the equipment. The surface of the painted metal side table has a large surface areal that is highly resistant to heat. The large metal side table is one of the most outstanding features of this grill.

The pressed sheet metal side table is both light, but thick to provide mobility and strength at the same time.

Is It Good Out In the Elements?

It is also resistant to weather — that is, it can be effectively and productively used in the rain, scorching sun, as well as in the snow in situations of urgent need. Although it is resistant to weather, the grill should not be left out in the elements without cleaning or protection.

The manual states that the ‘CarBin’ is for storing coals. However, while you are preparing to cook, rather than throw your wastes and plastic wrapping around, they can be disposed of properly using the ‘CharBin’.

  • One-Touch Cleaning System
Weber Performer Deluxe Diffuser-Cleaning-System

The one-touch cleaning system eliminates the fear of cleaning the grill after each usage. With this feature, cleaning comes to be entirely easy, quick, and convenient.

On it, we have a 3 point diffuser by the sides which can be moved by its simple slide mechanism. When cleaning, there is a 3 point diffuser that pushes the ashes into the ash catcher for easy cleanup.

Pros of the Weber Performer Deluxe

  • Storage: This is where the CharBin comes into play. To store your charcoal, the CharBin can be used. CharBin to the side, you can retrieve the charcoal. The CharBin is weather protected. The charcoal will be shielded from external factors.
  • Design: The design of the Weber performer charcoal grill deluxe is nothing short of a blue diamond. When compared to other brands, it is unparalleled.

Your first direct glance at this device will definitely amaze you. Besides the fact that it has great style, it also offers a very convenient amount of workspace for your food preparation and cooking tools.

Weber achieved a great deal on their quintessential kettle, no doubt. But going ahead to mount the kettle on a cart instead of three legs renders this grill flexible to any backyard environment. This ingenious fit set it apart from other brands.

Setup and Cleaning

  • Ease Of Use/ Easy Set-Up: The Weber performer can be set up in less than an hour and building it up to completion is fairly straightforward. The Touch-N-Go charcoal ignition system will make your life easier. With it, you will find yourself cooking in no time.
  • Easy to Clean: With the aid of the ash catcher, the issue of ash flying around while cooking has been completely eliminated. The ash catcher is very efficient and effective, at the same time quite easy to extract for a quick cleanup. The charcoal grill has a One-Touch cleaning system made of aluminum, steel and with just a single swipe, Its porcelain-enamel surface coating can be adequately cleaned.
  • Multiple Cooking Surface: What more could you possibly want from a grill system that gives you the privilege to be used in various capacities. With the Weber’s Gourmet BBQ System, you will be able to add multiple cooking surfaces depending on what you plan to cook. This way, your grill will be able to cook virtually everything.

The Weber Charcoal Grill has several add-ons that make your experience more exciting and worthwhile.

You can get add-ons like the following:

  • Danish Ebelskiver pan
  • Pizza Stones
  • Griddle

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Cons of the Weber Performer Deluxe

  • Lid Thermometer– The Weber charcoal grill can reach as high as 470°F and above. There have been reports that the lid thermometer accuracy is questionable. You can help to avoid cooking disasters by using a separate digital thermometer to measure the heat generated.

Do this, and save yourself from trouble.

  • Limitations of the Removable Timer: There are certain situations when you plan to take on multiple activities at the same time. Take for example; you are doing the dishes and cooking with Weber’s grill. In this regard, there will be a need for you to grill low and slow for a length of time, so you don’t end up serving yourself a ‘burnt offering’ that day.

In this case, you might need a different timer rather than the removable one attached to the machine. You might ask why? The reason is fairly clear. The design of the timer is to go to 99 minutes of cooking time. Because this is less useful to many grill lovers, they might not be impressed.

  • The Leg Supports – The design of the legs does not give adequate support when moving. This makes it difficult to roll the grill over uneven surfaces without having the charcoal bin fall out, or the bottom rack.  This should be an easy fix, but it should be a fix.

Aside from the aforementioned slight limitations, there isn’t much to disapprove of in Weber’s Performer Charcoal Grill Deluxe.

Weber Performer GBS vs Weber Performer Premium vs Weber Performer Deluxe

If there is something common to all the three models of the Weber Performer, it is the fact that the three come with several additional features and a ten-year warranty.

Also, the Weber Performer Standard, Weber Performer Premium, and the Weber Performer Deluxe are all equipped with the Weber Gourmet BBQ System as a standard feature. The extra features of each model makes the differences apparent.

Differences That Exists Between The Three Models

The Standard Performer is the most basic of all the three models.  It does not possess such features as the electronic gas ignition system for efficient lighting, detachable timer, and CharBin. In addition, it has a relatively smaller workspace compared to the other Weber performer models.

Meanwhile, the Premium Performer on the other hand has a more extensive workspace than the Gourmet BBQ System that comes with a cart design instead of the fold-down type of preparation area (workspace). Another thing is that the Touch-N-Go ignition system is also absent in the Premium Weber Performer, making it a major setback for both the Standard and Premium Performer.

Now to the crème de la crème of all three Weber Performer models, a complete package in the making.  The Weber Performer Deluxe is the Weber Performer version in possession of all the aforementioned features, of which the electronic gas ignition system is one.

This model is the only one that has the Gourmet System Sear Grate Accessory. These are the reasons why it is the most advanced of all the Weber Performers.

Warranty and Support for the Weber Performer Deluxe

The warranty for Weber Performer products is rather exclusive. The company doesn’t offer a full product warranty. The warranty differs and is exclusive to various parts with terms attached to each. For more information regarding the terms and conditions for the various parts, click here.

Meanwhile, the various parts like the One-Touch Cleaning System and the plastic components have a warranty that lasts for 5 solid years. There is a 10-year warranty for the bowl and the lid thermometer. The warranty on the other parts of the device is for 2 years. Certainly incredible!

Should You Buy the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill?

If you took your time to go through the Pros and Cons section of this review, you would have discovered that only three cons (the removable cooking timer, the lid thermometer, and the lack of engineering for the supports) were discussed against several pros. Besides these three disadvantages, the Weber Performer Deluxe is no doubt the best you can find in the marketplace. I can confidently tell you it’s worth the price at which it is being sold at the market.

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Final Thoughts

For many grill enthusiasts, the Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill is a great option for their various cooking goals. The device is an impressive and unparalleled multitasker. Something you can hardly find from other brands.

With the Weber Performer Deluxe, you will be privileged to master various kinds of cooking options — You can try your hands on smoking and grilling. You can also bake and even make pizzas of various kinds. It’s a simple device of amazing possibilities.

Whether you are looking to widen your charcoal grill experience horizon or just to broaden your spectrum of offerings while doing outdoor cooking, the Weber Performer Deluxe is worth your consideration. You deserve a new charcoal grill experience.

If you are ready to acquire one of these impressive pieces of technology, kindly click here to get the latest price of the Weber performer deluxe on Amazon. You are just a step away from owning one.


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